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    August 15, 2005



    Speaking loudly to you from VERY FAR AWAY, I can only hope you get this message. Desperate times in Blighty chaps, desperate times. First we have sunshine then we have rain, and I am telling you, frankly, it can get damn difficult to choose the correct attire (one always worries in case one is run over and taken to hospital).

    We adore this website. We found it by looking for pictures of 'exciting driving' and we drifted...we often do. It's a bit of a worry, but we take tablets.

    Keep up the good work. Righto. Over and out.

    Anna Dilemna

    Where are you? (no pressure of course) but I'm missing your strangeness


    come on em! where are you? don't let them take you over.

    wtf? are you going to let lucy's spleen dry out in the sun. stop the abandonment!

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