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    March 15, 2006



    Eaux, ICK! A Dentik!


    i woudl much rather get to use a Dentik from farscape. a "kinda minty" slug that you put in your mouth and it eats off the plaque. joy!


    The only thing I don't like about those flossers is that I get a gross feeling knowing the same quarter inch of floss is flossing in between all of my teeth.
    I guess I could use two though, huh?
    I like Silk Floss.


    Oh how I wish I would have known that "Stay moral--go oral!" chant in high school.


    I knew I should have not read this in the werkplace because there is so much funny contained herein that I know not where to begin and then people say "Why are you crying?" and I say I'm not it's just this really, registration information that I was reading.

    I am so touched that you are researching oral care products for me, for I am in need, and I cannot wait to go to my nearest not-Dollar-$tore and buy the BIG BAG of weapons-grade flosseze and then I will report back, maybe with pictures if you're lucky!

    Also, it will be cheaper than going to the dentist!

    Thank you for your support of my cause!


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