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    July 14, 2006



    My sincere apologies for the error I made posting on your memorial page. You have so beautifully dedicated it to this obviously very special and precious young man and I can only plead my utter and honest ignorance of posting. I intended my piece to go in elsewhere and was distracted and came back and put it in here without checking.



    Speaking loudly to you from VERY FAR AWAY, I can only hope you get this message. Desperate times in Blighty chaps, desperate times. First we have sunshine then we have rain, and I am telling you, frankly, it can get damn difficult to choose the correct attire (one always worries in case one is run over and taken to hospital).

    We adore this website. We found it by looking for pictures of 'exciting driving' and we drifted...we often do. It's a bit of a worry, but we take tablets.

    Keep up the good work. Righto. Over and out.


    i am the friend of whom kerri wrote in her comment above. i attended high school with duncan, and i share in your sorrow over this loss. thank you for posting this in his honor.


    I am also so very sorry, Emma, to read this.


    I'm so sorry Em.


    Oh Em, I'm sorry for your loss and sorry that the world won't get to enjoy this young man for longer. Just reading about him made me want to know him. Final goodbyes are so tough.


    I am back from your link, and from reading the guestbook created in his honor, and it remains ever so clear that, just as you so beautifully said, his absence is indeed keenly and powerfully felt. I am so sorry for your loss, Em, and for the loss of all who knew and loved him.

    At this moment I find myself in awe at once again realizing how small the world really is, realizing how connected we all truly remain; my best friend in the whole world went to high school with your Moody, and just yesterday I found myself reading her site, and more specifically, her expressed sentiments of sadness at the news of his sudden departure.

    Am thinking of you and yours during this difficult time, Em, and hoping for you peace and fond memories amidst the sadness. Hugs.

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