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    February 11, 2005



    Wow, Nicky Hilton looks like some sort of hell-spawn creature of the night with those fake contacts and spray-on tan. I assume the half-smile is to hide her blood-sucking fangs of enternal damnation.

    You GO GIRL! What fun.

    So jealous of Jack to both rub elbows (or whatever) with Pammy A. *and* be witty.


    Ohmygosh, you saw Jared Leto? I just finished re-watching all of the My So-Called Life episodes and I am so in love with that kid.


    I respect the fact that you have no idea who I am, but none of my friends would care if I showed them this, so I have to show you.. Did you see this pic? It looks like he's got a banana in his pocket (or is happy to see you, blar blar)


    oh yeah, well I am pride of you too.
    you need to put up some actual pix from the infamous QL.
    and how I know that Maggie Gylenhall or however it is spelled was there is that some people were ducking under the ALMOST INPENETRABLE (not) perimeter and as I started to bust them, a woman said, "He's with me..." and she was Maggie and so I said, "Okay!"
    (aside: if you are ever in charge of a big party that you don't want to have crashed, consider a perimeter made of something besides yellow CAUTION tape--which is not really that hard to just simply pull apart and walk through--even if the perimeter doesn't match as well with the "crime scene" theme you are working with.


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