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    March 31, 2005



    I'm in the middle of an intense game of No Sex Ever Under Any Circumstances. Fun! Right now I'm neck and neck with Margaret Thatcher and Mother Theresa's dead corpse, but I think the corpse may be getting a little on the side.


    Or you can play Can't Break up/Won't Have sex--a more challenging game for the more advanced player who having once mastered Break up/Have sex!, now for some possible reason actually wants an even harder game to play all night and then go to BYU to give a crummy poster session with puffy cry eyes.


    Yes, but are you winning the game? It sounds like you're winning! Go, Emma, go! Spank that ass! And then don't!


    Something must be good about it, heh. Break up sex is good if your not really into the breakup.

    Like say you dumped someone and had sex with the after anyway and during this act you actually thought to yourself now I know why I dumped him. I'm just saying, not my experience or anything.

    So, the m oral is if the sex is hit and nasty and makes you say GRRRR baby then get cho freak on.

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