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    March 14, 2005



    My boyfriend and i before used to call each other as "boo"..... and now that im married my husband called me "nanah" and i called him "dadude's" that makes so sweet, cute and unique for us.....


    i called my boyfriend... mizh..!!! cauz.. it significe my name and his name.. that is truuuuueeeeeelly.... sweEEEEEEt..!


    hello.. we are gay couple.. my b call me "pui" which means little baby, and i will call him honey bunch,, its really cute..


    My boyfriend calls me Super Slut Cum Guts. He calls me that because I was a curb side hooker when he met me. How i only sleep with his friends but it has stuck! :)


    goose is a personal fave for me and my boyfiend. i used to always call him a silly goose when he did something funny and it kind of stuck. now i'm callin him snuddle goose which is derived from snuggle and cuddle and goose already explain.


    My beautiful girl calls me sugar plum :P I love it soo much it makes me feel good inside!


    My significant other calls me poo poo face. I rather like it.


    My boyfriend calls me love puff =]


    I get called Cookie which has grown on me. lol.


    We both call each other Hey Lady. I love it.

    AJ shank

    me and my girlfriend fight a lot lately beacuse i usto call her baby. But she got me a cat and we named it catty. so eventually i started calling the cat baby... i can't seem to come up with a name she likes but i want her to be happy with her name that i call her i wish it wasn't so hard. i tried names like sweet pea..pppp like that would work. and i even tried shit head but i ended up the one with that i hope other people don't have it this hard.


    His Lil Lady is what he calls me. I call him many things but lately two names have stuck, Thor & his Magic hammer also Slayer. No need to explain why. lol


    We started on with Maury the Jew and Naughty Girl as those were our superhero alter egos.

    Somehow after a couple of years long names which we addressed email ended up shortened to King and Queen. When his friends call I always say "The King's not home" or "Hang on I'll get the King."

    Sometimes he just calls me maam.


    Oh heavens yes!!! I've forgetton that there is one I just invented that I am especially proud of that is for a boy who is actually only one third boy and the other thirds equally dog and rabbit. So, he is Pupper-bunny, but I try not to call him that cuz what if he likes it too much?


    Porpoise is mine for my real love and some others by other lesser lovers include Tote-tray, dollface, sexathon and your majesty.


    From a "lurker":

    The ubiquitous name in our household is "Monkey," which, of course, disgresses (as all things will) into Monk and Monkster. Monkey as a loving term is quite endearing.

    Also, I've found myself calling the boy "Boston", although neither one of us have any meaningful relationship with the city. I believe it evolved from my calling him (ironically, of course) "Boss", then "Boston Baked Bean" then back to "Boston." Funny how these things happen.

    butter gun

    My names for him

    Uncle Santa, muffin melt, Burger Schnitzel, King Negativo, Count Boobyula, T, sweet sweet, Senior Sausage, sweetie, darlingus, Jethro, Throbbing Wand of Gristle, Scout

    His names for me

    baby munkey, baby girl, lover, schnorkus, hot coffee, piggynitz, Foo, Dildodra, silly, sweetness, Queen Negativa, my love, tasty, cutie, Mamasan, sugar coated munkey pop.


    Okay she says you have to do it so i'm doing it...begrudingly.

    "Muppet" and "G-thing" and "Sparkie"

    each has such different emotions and sublties hidden...I could write a book or yet...have my own webblog.


    My financee calls me Lex-Chica-Bex on the phone and Baby everywhere else. Including in front of my parents. Which, let me tell you, is a total yikes. but it's still cute.


    Wynne and I call each other baby, sug'(see King of the Hill) and sugar fuck. 'Baby' is probably the most common, and also my favorite. It usually works like this:

    D - "Who's my baby?"

    W - "Me-eee!"


    I can't believe Arexa up there didn't make the logical leap: baby/sweetie/sweetness/sweetstuff/sweetmeats. Or that Ms H doesn't make the equally logical move to Sweetmeats & Potato Pie. Which is like Chicken Pot Pie. Which, we all know, is sexy.

    I like the simple monosyllabics, so that you can say them even when you're out of breath. I call my lover a couple different names: pup, kid, or babes (it sounds plural, like a term of endearment for an entire harem, but it's best when used to refer to a single person, as in "Hey Babes, what's going on with the you?"). I also call her D, because that's her last initial. Or I call her H.D. because that's the both of her initials (and a great poet to boot).

    I realize that most of those nicknames seem kind of diminishing, seeing as how they refer to babies or animal-babies (I do like kitten as well, BTW), but they certainly aren't meant to be.

    I also call her The Most Beautiful One In Many Counties and Voting Districts. I don't really, but I should.

    And she calls me B.T.E., which stands for Best Thing Ever, which is nice but a lie: she's better than I am, by a long shot. A huge shot. I'm just the O.K.T.E., really.


    Sometimes I get called Lovely, which makes me kind of blush and look down at the floor nervously.

    Emmy D

    Oh, there are so many! But my favorites are Emmycakes, Small Fry, and Short Stack.


    My fiancé calls me "Lil' Darlin'," which is adorable with his slight southern accent. I usually call him "babe," but I often call him "Mister Shawn."

    Joey T

    Sometimes I call my girlfriend "Prancie Nixon". Also I call her "the Nancy drew mystries" or "Nance" for short.

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