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    April 29, 2005


    yo  momma

    so THAT'S where that glycerin suppository went!

    Mike E. Mike

    Hopefully you are recovered enough to enjoy a contextual joke.


    Once upon a time, there existed a dude (we shall call him ‘Bud’) who was in college. A fine summer's day while lazing around the pool, chasing the muff with his friends Bud let loose of a wee bit of gas that was troubling him and sure to amuse his friends and compatriots (but likely not the muff). But lo, rather than the usual noise that one would associate with the release of such gas and such, there was heard the distinct word “Honda”.

    Yea, there was much rejoicing by the pool and even the muff did join in on the hilarity. “Do it again!, Please!” Bud’s friends clamored. And yet again “Honda” was heard to ring out. Well, Bud was the talk of the town. People fed him beans and lentils and broccoli and cucumber and beer and chili and all things good and noxious in an effort to hear the mighty trumpet blow. Honda Honda Honda. Bud was king. He was revered by all and small.

    Days passed, weeks, years. Honda Honda Honda.

    Finally, Bud grew up into a man. He walked the earth in a suit and tie. He made important decisions and drove sensibly. He cast off all of the trappings of collegedom but just. couldn’t. fart like normal people.

    Doctors were asked, consultants were consulted. Specialists! I seem to remember a trip to a very exclusive clinic in the Swiss alps where everyone spoke with lisps and slightly disturbing accents. All to no avail.

    Honda Honda Honda.

    Bud lost his job. His girlfriend left him. Children would throw small rocks at him in the streets. His life was a mess.

    One day, feeling a slight pain in a tooth, Bud went off to the dentist. While the man in white was a pokin’ and a proddin’ in Bud’s mouth a small “honda” was heard to escape from Bud’s nether regions.

    “What in tarnation was that ?!?” exclaimed the dentist, jumping backwards and nearly falling off of his little white stool.

    “Aw, it’s just gas” sighed Bud. “Please don’t mock me, it has been the bane of my existence for lo these many years. I wish I could make it stop”

    “Gas you say? Well, my son, you may be in luck. I think that I know that root of all your troubles,” said the dentist (not afraid to make small side jokes himself). “The cause is clear! As the wise and mighty have known for ages:




    Aw jeez, ahahahahaha. That one always cracks me up. I'm cryin' here...

    Hope you are feeling better and stuff, mon ami de l’internet!

    Boy, that is one long-ass comment, eh?


    That sucks big rocks. I'm so glad you're feeling better!


    Oh, Em, I'm really terribly sorry about your unspeakable pain, but that post was SO worth waiting for.

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