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    May 12, 2005



    Re: your comment on my site, I've been checking this thing multiple times daily for the updates, so don't act like I'm a weak supporter over here, only asking for the love when I'm bored. :)

    Sorry to hear you're so busy, though. Good luck with the projects. Your adoring media will be ready and waiting when you have a little down time.

    P.S. This comment exchange business is like a backwards, less efficient version of instant messaging.


    Spleener, I miss you. Put down the sack of dog shit and come back to us. We need you here.


    tanks for ¨¨protectorate¨¨ i feel protectorated from even so far away.


    YOU UPDATED! Yay!!!

    Glad to read your updates and see that things are going okay. You going to show us the colors you picked for the rooms?

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