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    October 14, 2005


    Fraulein N

    I really like the last picture too. Good luck with the move!

    Emmy D

    Em! What big news! I'm so excited for you and your boy. I took a chance and moved out to Boston to be with E. Best damn decision I ever made.


    Damn! And here I thought I was getting a blowjob! What am I supposed to do with a car that size? I think I'd better reconsider the whole idea. Thanks for the warning, Couch.


    What is poor former congress man Chuck going to do? With out his love of his life?


    I've never been to California, but I have seen several episodes of The O.C., which, I assume, is the kind of life that every single resident of California lives. They give you a Hummer (the vehicle, not the blowjob) after you cross the border right? Many congratulations on your new life of both face-to-face relationships and fun in the sun.


    I know it IS soon! We decided fast and have acted fast and figure we'd better just keep flapping our arms for all we're worth. No boutonnieres for anybody, thank you, but I will be bringing my aging dog- does that count? Thanks for the congrats all you folks! I am very excited. Also, Stewf, to answer your question, near you. I'll drop you a line...


    Yea for the Big Move! Yea for no more Long Distance Relationship for they are The Worst! Will you be bringing Sir Eazy né Date Guy a boutonniere?

    I must admit that when I first read that you were moving I felt a bit melancholy, like when someone eats all the pizza before you can have a slice and when you walk over and see the empty box you're like, "Damn. I should have gotten here sooner. I really wanted some of that pizza."

    But then I realized that your physical move bears no effect on me, really, since you're already all the way out in UTAH and I'm in CHICAGO and by the way we've never even met in person so what's the difference? As long as you keep updating The Spleen (but even if you don't), then I am very happy for you, indeed! And I am happy for Eazy, because he is getting one hell of a silhouette.

    But now you have to pack again! The pain! Good luck! Let us know how it is on The Other Side!



    Congrats on the book deal. When you say Cal, do you mean No or So?


    Roger! Good question! I don't exactly know when I'm going to see anybody anymore (except the body I'll be waking up next to every morning), but I know it will be someday! What a golden day 'twill be!

    I miss you.
    Can't believe I won't be around to celebrate your return (and Poo's visit). Let's try to arrange a friend festival for the spring sometime. Or come down and visit! Anytime!

    Anyway, THANKS.


    That is wicked soon. Yowsa.


    em, those are amazing photos...

    see, the thing about 3 weeks is that ... um, hello? WHEN IN THE BEASTLY HELL AM I GOING TO SEE YOU AGAIN!?

    anyway, i admire you.

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