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    January 09, 2006



    Yes, this family does RAWK. Mormons(TM) are supposed to gather their families on Monday nights for FAMILY HOME EVENING. (Boy if that title doesn't just Leave it to Beaver.) For a couple of years now I've thought it would be a great idea for Em, Jakk 'n me to do a radio program on the local public station and call it HOMELY FAM EVENING. But now we all moved. The End.
    But since this conversation is now all about me ME **ME** here is the URL to m'latest second draft, as that's about as far as I ever get before deadline.
    Cerdo, I'm glad you are MLE's friend. SC doesn't know what it's missing.


    "I don't want this, but I don't want to lose this."
    Wow, M. This is frighteningly applicable to many aspects of the life.


    And Couch! How do you do it? How do you get any work done in between the sitting there and the eating of ice cream from a bowl on your stomach? I can barely get a POST written, much less a resume! Anyway resumes leave insufficient stylistic room for exclamation points.


    I know, right? Isn't she the best? I just re-discovered her column myself, having thought she'd quit it and then checking again by chance and seeing a new one. Now she will post a comment here saying, "Jes, dottir, and you would have known that if you ever returned my calls." But she is, she is too good and so is my broheim. I can't wait for you to meet them!

    Also P.S. I'm so glad you know! About the staying home and its weirdness I mean. It's like, This sucks. I don't want this, but I don't want to lose this. You know?


    Spleen, I heart your Ma. I read her column on the Internets so I know she is the very funny too, but the comments! Butt of Coors! This family, it is too good.


    Yes! I understand exactly what you mean! I work at home! All day! Overusing exclamation points!


    Butt of Coors.
    Yo tambien, except that I do have a jarb, but other than that, me yo tambien also.

    I think the problem is that we don't live in enough trailers, eating pork rinds and macaroni with Velveeta. We have too many teeth and not enough wrestling on the tee-vee. Too many friends who have been to other towns. Too many years of book learnin', that's the problem.


    Oh, Emma. Je te comprends. For you see, last night I was just telling the boy that I envied an unemployed friend of ours as it was Sunday night and I was not feeling the getting up early and going to work business. I just wanted to sleep in and drink tea and watch bad daytime television. But your post made me remember exactly why unemployment has repeatedly (more than once!) proven even LESS favorable than temping, which itself is no fun at all but still mostly better than La Nausée of Being and Nothingness. You know what they say..."The best thing would be to write down events from day to day."

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