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    February 06, 2006



    This is going to drive me nuts all day, trying to think of these things!


    Tu me manques! Come back to da syyy-eeet!

    Sarah Dopp

    My dear! After an intense blogger house party, can you actually say it's been two weeks since you last blogged??


    I've always been fond of "baking soda" and "curling iron." also "basketball shoes."

    and "spanking mitre."


    We have no television either. Thank God for Netflix.


    You know wut, Mom? I CAN'T. We huv not got teluffission, except the kind you can rent on DVD. I think we might get some sometime, like when we get internetch and electricity at the haus, put on top hats and call ourselves civilizzized.


    sade sucks utter ass, except for Smoove Operator, as noted, which is OK enough. however, let me take this moment to say that the music on Gray's Anatomy is grayt! and who has been featured multitudinously but our own "we were there" little band, the dittie bops. also not to be missed from aforementioned superfine tv series soundtrack is rachael yamagata (album is Happenstance). you can listen to these things on your television pipe.

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