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    March 27, 2006



    Two songs I always change are (1) the Indigo Girls' "Pushing the Needle too Far" (yeah, I hate when that happens). The lyrics go, "woke up this morning, grey dawn, with a prayer on my breath..." which I change to, "with hair on my chest."

    Also, (B) when the train-is-traveling song from Disney's DUMBO repeatsrepeatsrepeats in my head, it goes, "CA-sey JU-nior's coming DOWN the track, down the RAIL-road track, nym-pho-MAY-nee-ack."


    The morning after 40's night (Tuesday) in college, walking to class i bumped into a friend who took one look at me and started laughing saying i was drunk. Feeling great for 9 AM I took little notice and continued along my merry way. 20 minutes into class, I got the spins and almost got out of the hallway before I tipped over and poured myself out - not quite what the little teapot imagined i'm quite sure.

    Once I did gush "Good Morning!" at an older woman eyeing my piercings with suspicion.... at 3 PM. Wake n' Bake had confused my internal rolex.

    will you be my myspace friend?


    You crack me up.


    i thought maybe a trumpet but who could really tell. the shimmy in the end really made it.

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