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    March 31, 2006


    Terri B

    This would be a subject that I too, would find myself in total defense and so I understand your anger.
    I would've kneed him in the balls, Mle! Then told him he was a cocksucker and to go F*%# himself!
    But, that's just me. I hate stupid male-ego-homophobes.

    Sare Bare


    I remember way back when, when you told me to look at Lucy's Spleen, but I was just looking at the actual pictures of her spleen. I didn't put it together that it was a continuing blog. I found the link on Lolly's blog and some other surprises too! Glad to hear that you are loving Cali, but am not glad that you have to deal with f*ck-wits!

    Luvs, luvs and more luvs..



    yer mamma wrote "assbag of fuckedness"



    I changed the video to public viewing. I don't know how it became private in the first place.


    the thang is, he is NOT your potential employer, he is an assbag of fuckedness, and you would only suffer in trying to please someone with such an incredible lack of A) respect for you, 2) social perspective, and IV) clues! clues!

    meanwhile, someone on the pdx craigslist is advertising for a knitting barista, which is yet another reason that you should move here.


    Oh, Emma, I'm so sorry. This kind of thing leaves you feeling vulnerable and enranged simultaneously and I'm just glad you're coping the best way possible (beer!). I think arexa's right that his interviewing techniques are at the very least subliminaly illegal, and definitely offensive and wrong, and if you happen to say something to that effect in an articulate and pointed (and not queer or immigrated) letter, both to this man and to the editor, you might feel better. Or you could just have more beer. Which is probably what I would do.



    Don't give up on California!!! Yet!!


    Yeah, this guy sounds like an ass. A very narrow-minded, silly sort of ass. I hope your next interview goes better. And that Cali soon redeems itself.


    hey! emily! you could probably totally fucking sue this guy if you don't get the job!(not that you'd want it?)i just read all about this shit tonite and this smooth-skinned man clearly needs to "reconsider his interviewing techiniques" to stay out of hot, boiling investigative waters. anyways. i'm sorry the world sucks and that califonrnia ain't none better than utard. i think i'll go have a beer for you and then shoot the bottle with a gun. hugs!

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