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    April 13, 2006



    Nothing bugs me more than low throbbing sounds.. I hope for your sanity she doesn't throb. Peeple react so weirdly to the weather. I think of you, quietly dealing with the rain, typing or reading blogs, and probably cooking some yummy rainy day meal, with her pounding away disturbing your peace. I am so glad your sun came out.


    We would be better friends if you were a carny. I mean, what's not to love about carnys?

    Sare Bare

    Now you need to go buy an istrument that sounds hideous while you are learning how to play it. (like the violin or the bag pipes or the obo) Start to learn your "new talent" all day long and night, except between laundry breaks and see how long it takes her to either complain or join in.

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