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    May 02, 2006



    You look so happy! Even though you have a lap full of "rats with tails" as my stepdad (unromantic fellow) likes to call squirrels.

    I hope you come back to CA for BlogHer! Good luck with everything. Of course, in Internetland, you're still here so I guess I can stop getting all weepy now.

    Hope things are going your way!


    Ohmygod this picture makes me want to shit in a key lime pie!


    Great picture.. I am w/ your mammy-- it's great to see you smiling! I am serious about storing stuff in my basement... it's too empty. Lemme know! Welcome back to SLC!!!

    Sarah Dopp

    Oh... girl...

    Wild with joy and sorrow. Those are definitely the words. And who am I to judge? I'm fleeing back to New Hampshire for a month as of next week, just to feel safe again.

    Look. I'm in a rare state of "free to play" for an ENTIRE WEEK as of this Saturday. You're escaping to another land--full of mormons and salt flats--and may never return. Is there any chance we can bridge the two-hour gap between us and find an adventure in this land of avocados and gay men and feisty squirrels before you leave?

    Sare Bare


    I am so, So glad that you are coming back here! YAY!!! We will all have to get together once you get settled (us gals I mean).

    How on EARTH did you get squirrels to crawl on your lap?


    You have a lap full of squirrels! And I have no idea why, but it's still exciting! And you look so happy, yay!


    yargh, em, i wish i too could be in slc non-stop all the time for fun times. ah well. sigh? see you in may! xxoo


    Dear Creeps:
    Here I come to spark a Whole Nuther dance dance revolution in "SL to the C-town."
    Anyway I think that's wut they're calling it these days; I guess I'm not totally sure, since I haven't been there in a while. Can't wait to see you both and all our arty ticketing family of happy dancing buddies hoo-rah!
    Dancing Queen Sez Don't Fuck It Up Now


    P.S. Creepy, Heidi and I posted at the same time.


    I heard a rumor about you coming home and I am happy to know its true!!! Can't wait to see you! PS Love the rodents. To Cute!


    Moving back! I don't know why but for some reason I know that the salty city was going to have the dance party queen back again soon. I just felt it!

    Ben and I were discussing the serious lack of dance parties here and I said it was all after you moved away. And now here you come! Celebration!


    eaux, thank god for the smile.
    we, your fans, are gratefee.

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