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    May 05, 2006



    you're leaving? how terribly sad for california but how enthralling for you. good luck with the books there will be others.


    I have somehow managed not only to have too many books to ever move again, but a bookshelf that weighs as much as a three baby elephants. It shall happily become firewood before I even THINK of lifting it by myself again.


    Let me just say that if you don't move anymore for a while, you won't have to go through such book heartache! (we back here in SLC are dang excited to have you back!) It hasn't been the same without you! Good luck w/ your trip.

    Luv, Liaz

    Dave Thomas

    Let me be frank: I hate having books. It's like collecting spoons, or Lladro figurines, only books are heavier and less useful. I won't re-read books--there are too many other books to get to. Why should I spend my life tending and caring for books when libraries and foolish book-lending friends (and the internet) are happy to do the work for me?

    If I agree to help somebody move and then discover they have boxes and boxes of books for me to haul, what I do is pee on the boxes of books and then take a big crap on the person who owns them, and if I happen to see any authors or booksellers on the way home, I run them down and kill them in the street.

    Long story short: I read a lot of cereal boxes and junk mailers.

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