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    May 06, 2006


    dofus kamas

    LOVES it when you drink sparks and drive fast in california! good luck and have fun and i'm happy for you. until soon, em! hugs! arexa


    Consider me joining the ranks of those Missing The You. But BlogHer! It is soon! Huzzah!


    Oh, and I forgot to mention that you are now linked to my blog! Hooray for modern tech.


    Of course now that I get back online, you now appear to be taking a hiatus. We need to do sushi, and soon.

    Much love, my darling!

    Anne L.

    Soooo...Where the hecks are you? I miss you, in an internetty, faraway crush-y kinda way.


    going back where? back to utah? back back to SF? where tfru?


    You're going back! That means that maybe, just maybe I can finally meet you when I come home for a few weeks in August. Best of luck!

    a fan

    Yo, where you at? Are you OK? You're worrying us, so keep us posted.

    Sare Bare


    Where are you? Are you here now?

    Dear Spleen:

    Please come back to me.


    -The Internet


    Rumor has it that there are some readers who are missing your writing... come back!


    Where are you? Did you move where there is no Interweb?!?!


    Hi LaSpleen! I tried to email you! But it's been so long. I miss you! I hope you are well.


    i miss u

    com bak




    deer sweaty,
    i am happy and relieved that you arrived safely.
    even though i know that this was all voluntary, i still can't escape feeling as though this was like when someone has joined a cult and they have to be kidnapped and deprogrammed.
    thanks to Tsp. and my Sunn! for the intervention.
    - mammy


    Hope it's a good move, darlink. Have loads of fun and look forward to seeing you at BlogHer!


    So are you here yet? Let me know how the trip went, and how cum you didn't store your stuff in my basement? Hee Hee.


    you'll be back for blogher, eh?


    I haven't been keeping up on my blog reading and I had no idea you were moving back to the beehive state. Best of luck to you, see you at BlogHer, right??


    I think now is the perfect time to be jealous that I too do not live in Utah. Drive (or you know, ride!) funly! (The made up word I used to respond to my mom's incessant "Drive safely!" over the years.)


    you sound like on another planet and can't imagine how you'll ever get back to earth. but you will, and it'll be awesome...just drink a sparks...tania LOVES it when you drink sparks and drive fast in california! good luck and have fun and i'm happy for you. until soon, em! hugs! arexa

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