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    November 04, 2006



    Dude, mom- you're totally right. Therefore you totally WIN! Fuck yeah!


    the real, true valley girl cheer goes like this:

    "Ready, OK!
    Go, TEAM!
    Fight, A LOT!
    Totally WIN!" (or Totally MOVE)

    so where you were thinking ALRIGHT or FUCK YEAH at the end, your brain really meant READY, OK! and it meant it at the beginning.

    in the name of south bejeezus, TOTALLY AMEN!

    Slag Dump

    A comment on the cold...

    Perhaps you are not experiencing the effects of an elevation gain, which seems unlikely, as you are out in South Bejeez'usz, which isn't, how shall I say, elevated, but rather, you are experiencing the flow of cold air out of the mouths of the canyons which are to your east.

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