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    November 11, 2006


    Mary Tsao

    Hey, what happened to NaBloPoMo? Well, congratulations on that new house. Sounds swell. Our house didn't have towel bars when we moved in and we had to put them up, which was more challenging than I thought it would be. First, which design of towel bar?!? What a decision to make; it could last a lifetime! Then, at what height should they go. You don't want to make your short friends feel bad or your tall friends snicker in disgust.

    Anyway, I'm totally procrastinating doing NaNoWriMo right now. I should stop writing about towel bars and start writing my novel.



    cool. we only have one towel bar. plenty of shag rug, lots of rooms, acres of dust, ample places that smell like cat pee, a one-car garage, more drab-office-flourescent lighting than we could ever hope for, and even TWO bathrooms! but only one towel bar. you bourgeois rich undeserving bastards.


    i can't wait to see your new and exciting house with amazing amenities! enjoy setting up shop! hugs

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