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    March 02, 2007



    my friend annie just moved to minneapolis. she visited and liked it so much she up and moved the whole family (4) all the way across from new jersey, in THAT snowstorm ( you remember the one.) it's been a week (or two.) they love it.


    But Minneapolis is no Madison. There's really no comparison.


    Lin, I know you "get" me; your weigh-in means the world to me! Minneapolis does sound like a place I could totally deal with. It's a far cry from California, but I'm a snowy girl, I think I could really like it there.


    Emily, My son lived in Minneapolis (Uptown) for five years and loved it. The city has a super-dynamic and hip side to it and even though we only met briefly (at Grace's a whole year ago), for what it's worth my take is that you would love Minneapolis.

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