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    May 31, 2007



    Yeah, George got all Cosa Nostra on the bee, didn't he? DEAD? Is that sucker DEAD?

    Who cares if Tony Soprano is off the air? I've got my very own mobster, ready to whack anything that would hurt his family.


    Liaz! I didn't know your parents went to Morocco, too. Dear little Max and Traddles. I'd be overjoyed to sit for either one of them, anytime.


    heyyyy, all of these pictures you have been posting lately made me want to look at your gallery...of pictures.
    So I did.
    Now I want to have a sweet dance party in which PBR is drunk, boy's shirts are removed, and someone may happen to go away.
    But dancing! Oh the dancing! Let's make it happen?


    P.S. I just realized that both you and me are dogsitting. I have Max while my parents are in Morrocco. Of course I am still here at home, but I thought that was a nifty coink.


    I can't believe how cute that dog is. I am so glad that he has someone that loves him to take care of him. If I ever need a dogsitter, you would be my numero uno choice. I am so glad you both are having a nice break. Great pictures!

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