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    September 11, 2007



    i just rediscovered your blog, as kinja no longer tracks typepad blogs.

    way to go.



    1) knock knock.

    2) who's there?

    1) 9/11.

    2) 9/11 who?

    1) you said you'd never forget.


    nicely wroten.
    i'm pride a' you both, in many ways.


    dear ems,
    i have been checking and checking and wondering how things are going with you guys and i now i feel satisfied, but i can't wait to see some pictures. please keep a-posting and bonne merde with everything! xxoo


    Welcome to Boston! I'm a native, found your blog through Dooce, and have been checking in occassionally since. I think you and Stan are going to fit right in in Davis. Good luck with everything! :)

    jon deal

    Wish I had a way to email you some furniture. We just sent a ton of stuff to the local goodwill place. :-)

    But good to know you made it!


    A long, but not too, and eagerly awaited post! I'm so glad to hear that all is well there, that y'all are figuring it out and living it. Hello to you both, many thoughts of love and care from this side of the continent.

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