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    October 02, 2007



    Also E and H. I'll throw those in too.


    I'm going with B. Conservatives are nasty underneath their thick protective coating of righteousness.


    my first guess was all of them, of course, you being you. after a second look, I'll vote like this:
    A - yes
    B - I don't think Ann Coulter is that big for you, but I dream about those neighbors all the time
    C - unjust is not ringing a bell
    D - yes, but it was a daydream
    E - yes, obviously
    F - are you sure that isn't Stan's dream?
    G - I hope not!
    H - real life event
    I - doesn't seem original enough for you
    xoxo Mam


    Ok since someone already said H I am going to go with E.

    Eeeeeeeeeeeehhhh, I've been having some crazy ass dreams as well lately and I just don't know what to blame it on (the moon? PMS? Genetic insanity?). I'd like to sleep and wake up not remembering some weird dream that I try piecing together and deciphering the rest of the day.


    since googlereader blocked out all the indented material with the exception of "caribbean queen," i'm taking that as some sort of Sign.

    jon deal

    I'm going for broke.

    J] All of the above.


    Well, "I", of course, silly monkey. We're all still here, reading yer blog.

    And "G" is you on an everyday basis.

    "F" better be a dream, or you're on acid, or both.

    I'll tell you what dream I'd like to realize - visiting you in Beantown and helping you with your dog rounds. Are you still considering the dog walking/caring gig?

    xoxoxox alwayz

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