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    November 01, 2007



    Thanks for the encouragment all, and hang in there!


    Argh! Been there done that. What a way to begin NaBloPoMo. Found you via the NaBloPoMo randomizer. Better luck with the remainder of your month. :)


    Wow now that really sucks. I've had my blogs disappear too. Almost makes you want to type them out in word and save every 5 seconds until you're finished and can copy and paste heh.


    ERG! I hate when that happens!

    That's a very cool idea for a blog topic, that x365. I might just think about doing that! (Though posting every day for a month scares me, let alone a year!)

    Got here via the randomizer. Happy blogging! :)


    A post is a post. Looking forward to reading more of your blog.


    I signed up for the thirty posts in a row crazy last minute, again. Glutton for punishment? Yes, please.

    (I think you should end every post this month with "Go blogs.")

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