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Whoa! Back up on land! Wut happened to the rest of the Jetty?

Wut happened was we wandered off the jetty and along the shore and through the brush and examined things and stumbled about in confusion, and somehow Leaux got us back to the autos, and some other how Tessa assembled a picnic and my God! we were hungry! I hadn't even known we were- but people were gathered around eating and I couldn't believe my eyes and then she (Tessa) handed a bit of bread and cheese and apple to ME and I was SO GRATEFUL that I nearly cried and I went to take a bite and found that I could eat the apple and the cheese, but was unable to manage the bread, and then I did cry because Tessa had been so generous to give it to me and then I couldn't do it justice, so I fell down on my knees and said a little prayer to her and then while everyone was staring at me I laughed, wept and peed myself all at the same time. I'll tell you- I have been known to be That Guy on some occasions before, folks, but this was truly my GREATEST performance.

And then I took of my pants and we packed up and got in the car.